Support 1 is a Non-Profit Organization with a specific focus; supporting our Emergency First Responders involved in critical incidents. Emergency First Responders consist of our Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Service employees. This program is designed to assist these individuals with organized training and additional funding for departmental needs before, during, and after critical incidents. Since many departmental budgets are not prepared to provide funding for these services, Support 1 will obtain funding through donations and fundraising events to assist these departments.

Critical incidents can cause an overwhelming amount of stress on the Emergency First Responder. In preparation for these events, stress management should be the primary focus. With the various programs and types of training available, Support 1 would utilize funds to help promote and assist in organizing these training needs.

The response of a department greatly affects how an Emergency First Responder and their family cope with a critical incident. For example, a department should provide specific needs to those impacted during this time. These needs require additional funding not included in the normal operating budget. Support 1 would utilize funds to help support the needs of the department in these situations. Response after a critical incident is important as well. It doesn't end when things get back to normal. Support programs that provide debriefing and counseling services to employees and departments require funding as well. Support 1 would utilize funds to support the needs of the department to ensure these services are not overlooked.

It is vital that our Emergency First Responders needs are met before, during, and after critical incidents. They should return to duty without the additional stress and focus on the performance of their duties. The financial assistance provided by Support 1 would enable the department and the Emergency First Responders to maintain a successful quality of performance.

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